She Can Tell Us




released May 20, 2016



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HUIAS Gijón, Spain

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Track Name: Lovers Moments
you should go
and my boys
let you go.
You don't try to exist
if you don't miss a thing
in their lives.

you could throw
all the moments
make you love.
All my favourite silence
fills over and over aloud.

Nothing can change all my moments
Nothing can change all my moments

My brother is neighbour than lady with big ass,
is next to the leader and makes all,
all the money of the suburbs,
and take all the power to control my brothers.

It takes all the power,
and make me more poor
than the kids without parents,
and make me, make me more weak,
and make me more sick,
like poor idiot chick,
and i decide i'm more poor without fire.

I can't change my mind,
because i'm mad with my deeper start.
i know the lessons with my first guy,
because i'm mad with my deeper start.

Nothing can change all my moments and lovers, Yeah.
Track Name: Years & Tears
Years and the tears,
fill all my fucking fears.
Tell' em what you feel.
I'm the leader,
but my mind never leave,
it's hook with the leads,
put in our lives,
hit our teeth,
tricks with the kids,
kids have the keys,
keys never found...
He put them outside,
and my dreams go out.
Track Name: Warrior Queen
Is the dark layer more darker than these drums?
Is the dark layer more darker than my mind?
Is the layer low, more reason for my soul,
to keep my only reason for my own?

Fog comes,
to the limit of the forest, to my town.
Rise sun maybe allow the time to stop my fall.
Is in the low?
I saw my fault to let me jump on  these days.
Club floor, take my demons, take my fears today,

Bride run,
be my idol of the year by my side.
She want lie, in her life want to be another face.
Is in the bass?
I can lend her my liberties and name.
Party is the same, but this people will make you feel ok.
Track Name: Ma Drxg
Uh, i'm a lady,
who lays up more apologies from you.
Uh, i'm a lady,
who lays up more attention of you.
Uh, i'm a lady.
Takes more love to stay more tight.
Uh, i'm a lady.
No more reason but i tighter.

I'm tighter for your love.
He don't say anything.
Tighter for my fears,
they don't me change.
Scared about the days,
you're away from me.
Take care my babe,
i'm scared but don't say
i'm scared but don't say